Tuesday, March 26, 2013

CC Cycle 1, Week 21 Review at Home {Game Plan}

For our "Weekly Review Session" we get all the kids together and make a little party of it.  We cover all the new information for the current week, plus go over the whole timeline and add a Geography study.  We are amazed at how much better the kids do during proofing on the weeks we meet.

Here's the Game Plan for our Week 21 review session.....

History Sentence and Timeline
The Exploration of Canada
Here is video (2mns) about the high tides and the Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick.
Here is a history sentence drawing sheet.
As always, listen to songs from CC CD

Linking Verbs
Singing the Linking Verb to the tune of "The Ants Go Marching In"
(Working on a printable that goes along with the song.)

The 5 Major Circles of of Latitude
Here is a worksheet to draw in and label the lines.

Canadian Provinces 
Extra Geography Unit - Canada
We will color in the flag while learning about it, study where Canada is on the map and any major rivers, oceans and land formations.

We will play a review game using this and placing the 4th Declension noun endings
Here is a cute printable showing Associative Law.

Fine Arts
When we do our Famous Composers study, I download these on each one so we can listen while we study.  You get 100 of their hits for $1-2.  That's a steal!!!
In our homeschool, we are working through Confessions of Homeschoolers Greatest Composers study

At the end, they should be able to fill out this review sheet.

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