Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ice Cream Counting {Tot Time}

I have a barely three year old at home.  For any of you that have younger kiddos, you know how difficult it can be trying to homeschool your older ones and keep the little one(s) entertained.  We haven't formally started preschool with her, but I'm surprised how much she's learning just by being in the room and having the older kids read and play with her.

About a year ago I hosted a couple of busy bag exchanges. 

Well, these busy bags have proved to be a HUGE help in keeping #4 busy.  

Now that she's a little older, her learning needs and attention span are changing so I created a little Felt Ice Cream Cone Counting game.

This one is a hit!  She carried her "scoops" around.  Matches them by color, pattern and (of course) with her 3 yo randomness. :)
Since I originally made the set, I've added sherbert colors to the mix.  I realized rather quickly that she wanted to do them all at once so had to increase the number of scoops I had made. Now we have neapolitan, sprinkles and sherbert.

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