Tuesday, January 5, 2016

CC Review Sheets {How we use them}

So you've checked them out, downloaded and printed them all....now what!?!?

Here are some way I use them (current and past) and how some of YOU have told me you use them with you families.  If you have suggestions....please comment and I'll add to the list.

How you use them will, of course, depend on the age and level of your student.  

History pages - Lower Grammar level
Print them out, towards the end of the week, have them draw out the history sentence.

Fill-in-the-Blank and Blank Sheets - All Grammar
Upper Grammar does both, Lower Grammar does just the FIB.  We do these in addition to listening to the CD daily.  This is ALL I do for CC.

  Day 1 - CD review 
Day 2 - Copy work into a spiral, from my Foundations book.  
Day 3 & 4 - Fill-in-the-Blank sheet  
Day 4 - History Sentence (LG)
Day 5 - Blank.  
When finished, they go into our CC binder.

I use to put them in page protectors and let the older kids go at them with a dry erase marker.  The page protectors helped me on my paper usage, since they fill them out more than once and I had multiple kids using them.  My older two would use the Fill-in-the-Blank Sheets the first couple days after CC. We listen to the CDs at least once a day, so they were usually able to fill these in with minimal help.  My 1st grader would use the Fill-in-the-Blank version on paper, with a pencil toward the end of the week.  Then the two days before CC, I had the older two fill out the Blank Sheet with what they knew.  This let me know if there was anything we needed to work on before proofing. 

Now...I print a set off for each kiddo. Why the change? I decided that paper usage was worth my sanity. :)  They can work at their own pace and are not waiting for a sibling to finish.  Dry erase markers didn't use to come in super-fine tipped and it was hard for me to read and correct.  I also wanted them to see their work when reviewing for Memory Master.  

Oh...the answers are in your foundations guide! ;)

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