Sunday, April 10, 2016

Create Your Own Crossword Puzzles

I came across the website: crossword hobbyist where you can create your own puzzles.  I don't know about you, but we are always looking for fun ways to study.  My kiddos love crosswords, so this is perfect!

You can print them for home use, but the coolest thing...

You can do them online!
Here is a link to the first puzzle I made.

Its for Vocabulary From Classical Roots Book A - Lesson 1.
Here is what the completed one looks like 

My plan is to get all their words loaded into Quizlet, from there I'll upload to  crossword hobbyist to create the puzzles.

One reason I chose this site, is that some others would not allow me to use ALL the words.  Here, the puzzle size increases as you add words and you can rearrange at any time.

Go check them out!

(I hear there is a sister site the does word searches.  That's next on my list...)

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