Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lines of Latitude Worksheet {Printable}

 Here's a great worksheet for the lines of latitude from WorksheetWorks
Here are the answers. :) 
We started working on a little Geography project with the kids a few weeks ago.  Trinidy and I were discussing how we thought the kids needed the spatial awareness and knowledge of where everything is on the map.  

Through Classical Conversations we work on specific mapping and in our own Geography curriculum I have the kids find the country on the map.  We also do mapping work with our "Story of the World" History workbook, so they are getting to know where things are.

 But...we think we should do more. 

I would love the kids to be able to draw their own maps.  By heart. 


We are starting with "blob mapping," but the first step is being able to draw the lines of latitude and longitude (which I will be posting soon) but I love it when everything overlaps, and now they get to see it again at CC (C1 W21).

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