Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cycle 1, Week 19 Review at Home {Game Plan}

For our "Weekly Review Session," we get all the kids together and make a little party of it.  We cover all the new information for the current week, plus go over the whole timeline and add a Geography study.  We are amazed at how much better the kids do during proofing on the weeks we meet.

Here's the Game Plan for our Week 19 review session.....

History Sentence and Timeline
Listen to songs from CC CD
Here is a video (9 mns) about the Anasazi.
Here is another video (44mns) "Mystery of the Anasazi"

Listen to the helping verb song.
Here is a printable that goes along with the song.

Here is a video about Marine Communities, which includes a little about the ocean zones.

Here is a teaching sheet and worksheet we will use for the Ocean Zones.  I've included the 4 main zones with a little description of each, in addition to some of the animal life that can be found there.  

We will color in the printables of the 13 colonies and the American Colonial Flag from here.
(Still cracks me up....all those girls and one boy!)

Here is a video with signs to help learn the original 13 colonies.
Here is a video about the original 13 colonies.
(No extra Geography Unit this week.)

We will play a review game using this:

There is a fun math song that one of our tutors sings with the kids.  Here is a link to the song on you tube.  (Kinda corny, but hey...whatever works!)

At the end, they should be able to fill out this review sheet.

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