Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pasta Sort {Tot Time}

  I hosted a busy bag exchange a couple of years back for my MOPS group.  It was wonderful; we still use most of the bags and I've added even more to our supplies here at home.  

Here is a link to my Pinterest boards for the exchanges....
I'm constantly adding ideas from the wonderful world of Pinterest.  

This was a bag we received from the exchange, so I actually didn't even make this set.  There are a lot of great tutorials on dying pasta (and rice) so I'm not going to cover that.  

Ways we use this...
Sort the pasta by color
Sort the pasta by shape
String past (some of them) onto laces
Count as you sort
Make patterns with the colors or shapes or both

My sweet darling has even transferred some of this to her play kitchen...on her own.  
(Its those moments of silent play, where my mommy gut says to check, but the productive mommy brain says to let it go...then you regret it later when you are cleaning up the mess.)
This sorting tray I bought from Oriental Trading Company (I think) many years ago.  I don't see it on their site now, but you can use ice cube trays, cups, tupperware....and I'm sure educational site like Learning Resources have them.  Hindsight...I would not buy this again.  We don't use it enough, plus its big and bulky and doesn't fit on my bookshelf very well.

After using this for a bit I have some suggestions...
-Only use the hearty, thicker pasta.  The small spirals break easy.  
-Use them in a bigger tub.  Lesson learned the hard way...more than once.  The pasta will break!  Some of the little pieces might make their way into your carpet.  Your vacuum cleaner might not pick them all up.  You just might step on them.  They are sharp and it might hurt. 

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