Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Essentials Medieval Times Writing Scope and Sequence

Phew!  We made it through day 1 of Essentials!

I've been researching, prepping, learning and planning all summer to get ready to tutor Essentials. I figure if this old dog can learn these new tricks....my 4th-6th grader will have no problems! I'm happy to say that all of my students will be back next week. Which says a lot if you've every sat through an Essentials class. The first two weeks of grammar are a doozy!!! Week 3 starts to get fun.

Writing today was fun, though. The kids had a great time coming up with Adjectives. I'm not going to say Quality Adjectives, since "purple" and "bacony" really don't have much quality to them when talking about the Middle Ages....and yes....those really were suggested.  

When I was emailed the suggested scope and sequence for Essentials writing....I didn't get it.  I mean....I got the email, I just didn't understand the suggested order.  Why use a great resource like the IEW books, then jump all over the place trying to implement it? The IEW History Based Writing series is a great curriculum, so I'm going to use it!

In my usual fashion, I re-made a scope and sequence that made sense to me....the tutor.  I needed one I could teach from without having to jump back and forth to see what dress-ups and vocab words were where. Well....here is MY scope and sequence:
{Link to PDF}
Week 23 starts our "Super Essay" which is a 3 week assignment.  We end CC in April; not many Homeschools I know end in April.  Since the parents are the teachers, I figure I'll let them decide if they'd like to have their kiddos finish the essay at home.

Hope it helps you too!

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