Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow Day {a.k.a Slush Day}

THE worlds smallest snowman.  What?  Can't see it?  Its on the left in front of the munchkin in pink.  You might have to squint a little.  Its really small.

We've had a few snowy days here this February.  The first time the public schools were closed, we still had school.  The hubs came home during lunch and took them out to play for "recess" while mom stayed inside and prepped the hot chocolate.  

Since our Classical Conversations follows the public school system, when they closed today, so did we.  So...today I called it a real "snow day."  No school.  (Or can I call this In-Service???)  I did take them out this morning, since the slush snow was really wet and melting quickly.

This is what they made...

The hubs is from Alaska and we lived there for 5 year after we were married.  What you see above....is not really snow, but the public schools here were actually closed!

Do you ever take snow days?  Or just make sure recess is outside?

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