Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cycle 1, Week 19 {History Sentence Drawing}

Here's a fun way to see how your kiddos interpret the Classical Conversations History Sentences (or any History Sentence).
 Let them draw out the sentence or a part of it.  I store them in their CC binders along with their other weekly work.

I've found that (for this kiddo) writing out a summary narration only leads to frustration.

This works much better.
Here is what she happily drew.  
I'll post Week 20's soon, so come back and grab a copy!

If you'd like a copy for the rest of Cycle 1, please email and I'm happy to send it.


  1. Hi! Can I please have copies for all weeks?

  2. I would appreciate it so much! My email is Thank you!! :)