Saturday, July 11, 2015

Check in and update on Cycle 1

Hello All!  

Has summer been as crazy/fun/hot/chaotic/wonderful/relaxing for you as it has for me?  I can't believe it is already half over!  

(Not sure if that makes me happy or sad?)

Its been wonderful to take a breather from the scheduling and responsibility of schoolwork, but this free-for-all business is kind of driving this mama bonkers!

I love that I have had so many emails about Cycle 1!
(Honestly...I had no idea that so many of you used these review sheets.  Wow!  I'm humbly amazed.)   I figured I needed to post a little note about Cycle 1 for you all.

I will be posting Cycle 1 review sheets. 
I'm working on them right now and will do my best to have them up on the Cycle 1 tab by August.  I will still post them weekly, like I have for the last two cycles, as well.

I'm excited this year to have all the review sheets done and posted so that I can start digging deeper into each subject and getting more resources posted for you.  I'm kind of an organization freak so will be posting a little about that in our homeschool, in addition to things that keep the littles busy!

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of summer!!!


  1. This was the post I was waiting for with baited breath! Your Cycle 3 resources made our first year of CC so fun and do-able. Thank you so much for your sacrifice of time and generosity of heart. May you and your family be blessed.

  2. Yeah! Thank you for this wonderful resource. Your review sheets were a vital part of my daughters portfolio for our first year of CC.

  3. We will start CC for the first time after been homeschooling for 10 yrs. I'll check you blog for sure!

  4. yay!! thank you so much!! we loved them last year and can't wait for this year! ;-)