Monday, August 11, 2014

Cycle 3, Week 1 {Review Sheets}

{Blank Review Sheet}

{Fill-in-the-Blank Review Sheet}

Here are my Cycle 3 - Week 1 Review Sheets, both the Blank ones and the Fill-in-the-Blank ones.  The full PDF set of each of them are found on the Cycle 3 Resources page
If you want your own copy, there is a link on the Cycle 3 Resource page. You can also save the image from this page, but make sure your printer settings are set to letter size paper.

Hope this helps you too!

Oh...the answers are in your foundations guide! ;)


  1. These are wonderful! Thank-you for making them. I'm not seeing the download in resources.

  2. Do you have pdf's of week 1 (or the whole cycle) or are they not available yet? I really appreciate your hard work in creating these! Also, Expo is making "ultra-fine tip" dry erase markers again :) Amazon is carrying them:
    I also like to just print extra copies of your worksheets, but we'll use the dry erase for Essentials.

  3. Hi. Thanks so much for making these! I'm having a hard time finding where to download them. Could you help? Thanks!

    1. You are very welcome! The Cycle 3 Resource page. Its a tab at the top. As of today, only weeks 1-6 are posted, but the rest are coming. :) Enjoy!