Friday, July 26, 2013

Cycle 2, Week 2 {Review Sheet}

 Here is Week 2 for Cycle 2, the blank sheet for Classical Conversations.  (I will be adding the fill-in-the-blank ones soon.)

At home, I put these in page protectors and let the kids go at it with a dry erase marker.  I will use them with my three older kids this year (1st/3rd/5th).   The page protector helps me on my paper usage, since they fill them out a more than once.  I will have them look up the information and copy it in the first couple of days.  The two days before CC, I have them fill in what they know.  This lets me know if there is anything we need to work on before proofing.

If you want a copy, you should just be able to click and save.
Let me know if there are problems.  
Hope this helps you too!

Oh...the answers are in your foundations guide! ;)
(Don't want to mess with copy write issues!)

I will post sheets weekly, but added a page to the blog where you can download the entire year at once. 

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  1. thanks so much for making these review sheets!!