Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Magnetic Calendar

I swung by a friends house a few weeks back to look at some furniture and as we walked through their homeschool room I noticed a fun little calendar.

I loved it so much, I got online and bought one when I got home.
Gotta love Oriental Trading Company. My First Calendar Magnetic Chart for under $15 and with free shipping.  Sometimes the stuff you find at OTC can be kinda junky.  Not this.  It seems to be well made.  I love the bright colors and that the seasonal months are color coded.  Its actually a thicker magnetic board so will hold up to use.

It has:
Days of the Week
Weather and Season

Now I'm a kinda DIYer.  I have a scrapbooking room office that resembles Hobby Lobby.  I actually made a different version of this when we first started HSing.  Its all laminated, velco-dotted and all.

I like OTCs version better. Much better!

I bought this for my 5 y.o. and he loves it, but the girls want to use it too.  I told them they could do the weekends. :)  They've actually been fighting discussing who gets to do what. 

Right now, its perched on the ledge of my dry erase board.  That's where it will stay until I find a permanent home for it.  By the time kiddo #3 is done with calendar work #4 will be using it.  

 The picture from the website made me giggle.
I guess the people who setup the merchandise for photos need a little lesson on Weather vs. Season.

I'll send them my Kindergartner.

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