Wednesday, March 6, 2013

CC Cycle 1, Week 20 Review at Home {Game Plan}

For our "Weekly Review Session" we get all the kids together and make a little party of it.  We cover all the new information for the current week, plus go over the whole timeline and add a Geography study.  We are amazed at how much better the kids do during proofing on the weeks we meet.

Here's the Game Plan for our Week 20 review session.....

History Sentence and Timeline
Mexican Revolution
Here is video (5mns) about the Mexican Revolution and a printable for them to draw their interpretation.
As always, listen to songs from CC CD

Helping Verbs
Listen to the helping verb song (still on helping verbs! :)
Here is a printable that goes along with the song.

Earth's Atmosphere
Here is a video (2 mns) about a solar flare and the Aurora Borealis, which occurs in the Thermosphere layer.
Here is a cute little song about the Earth's Atmosphere.
Here is a great resource about the Atmosphere from
Here is an activity I put together about the atmospheric layers. 
We will put together one of these to show the layers in proportion.

Extra Geography Unit - Mexico
We will color in the flag while learning about it, study where Mexico is on the map and any major rivers, oceans and land formations.
From Children's Amazing Places we will read about the underwater city of Teotihuacan and Chichen Itza.
Now would be a great week to go out to a Mexican restaurant. YUM!

We will play a review game using this:
There is a fun math song that one of our tutors sings with the kids.  Here is a link to the song on you tube.
Here is a cute pizza worksheet from about the circumference and area of a, I mean circle.

Fine Arts
When we do our Famous Composers study, I download these on each one so we can listen while we study.  You get 100 of their hits for $1-2.  That's a steal!!!
Here you can listen on YouTube for free.

At the end, they should be able to fill out this review sheet.

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