Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why we study Latin...

And by "we" I really mean my kiddos. :)
(I guess I study it too, since I'm reviewing the lessons, hearing the memory work, etc, but hey...I've been through school already....and college...its their turn!)

Here is the rest of my Latin Curriculum post.

Learning Latin for the Future
SAT verbal scores.  
We are no where near that time, but I'd like for them to have an edge on it when it is time.  Its been proven that student who have learned Latin, score higher on the verbal portion of their SATs.

Future jobs.
Anything in the medical, science or legal field has a plethora of words derived from Latin.  Not that I'm expecting my children to become Doctors and Lawyers, but since I have 4 kids, chances are good that one of them will fall into one of those categories!?!?

Learning other languages.
Learning the systematic and logical Latin language will help in learning a lot of other foreign languages.  They will gain a foundation for all other language study. I hope my kiddos will pick up a language or two over the course of their education.

Learning Latin for Now
The improvement and understanding of the English language.
About 60% of the English language is derived from Latin.  From what I'm learning as I teach Essentials, the more complex concepts would make more sense if we understood Latin.  Learning root words along with prefixes and suffixes will also help strengthen their English vocabulary. (We are using a vocab program along these lines too!) Latin will help in the forming of sentences as the kids deconstruct and reconstruct their understanding of the English language; a lot of English's grammatical rules are derived from Latin.

Reading comprehension and writing.
Latin helps develop the ability to read closely for accuracy.  Latin is very particular in translation and students have to really read carefully.  This will spill over into all other subjects, especially writing.  Details are important and Latin is full of details.  

Studia vestra frui!

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