Saturday, August 24, 2013

Curriculum Series {Math}

Its been a busy week, so this is an easy one (for me).  For a lot of people, this is a hard curriculum to choose.  Math

Kindergarten - 5th (so far...)
A Beka

I love math and it has always come very easily to me so, luckily, its easy to far.

When I pulled the girls out of school, the private school they came from used A Beka for Math.  I wasn't sure if "this whole Homeschooling thing" was going to I figured it was important to keep that subject on track with their school....just in case. 

Three years later, its still working for us, so we are keeping it.  

In doing my research, it just kept coming back to "A Beka kids KNOW their math."  There weren't any complaints about missing this or that, or too easy or too slow.  Its a spiral math, so there is plenty of review.  Starting in 3rd, I don't have them do every single problem.  Especially if I know they know the stuff.  But we still review....a lot.  

 I do buy the Child Kit and Parent Kit for each grade level.

The Child Kit contains:
Test and Speed Drill Book

The Parent Kit contains:
Workbook Answer Key
Test and Speed Drill Key

At the beginning, I followed the teacher's manual to the letter.  Then I added another kid into this new world of ours....and then my baby was a toddler....and then more subjects were added...and now I barely look at the manual anymore.

I know how to teach it, they are doing great and flying through, so I figure we're ok.  We do at least one lesson a day, sometimes two.  

My (now) 1st grader, is halfway through his 2nd grade book and this is the beginning of the year.  He finished the K book in 2 months.  My (now) 3rd grader is not happy that little brother is catching up so she is working harder.  (A little sibling rivalry never hurts, right? ;)  

I considered Saxon for my oldest, but when asked she said she didn't want to switch.  Teaching Textbooks is another I've considered, but I want to keep them off the computer classes for now. There are plenty of good Math curriculums out there, but A Beka works for us so we are keeping it!  Plus I already have all the manuals and answer keys for K-5.

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