Saturday, March 30, 2013

CC - Cycle 1, Week 22 {Review Sheet}

{Blank Review Sheet}

{Fill-in-the-Blank Review Sheet}

To download, right click and "Save Linked File To/As" 

(Here is the same spiel from last week, in case you came right to this post from elsewhere. :)
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I'm putting together review sheets to help my girls with their memory work for Classical Conversations.  I put these in page protectors and let them go at it with a dry erase marker.  I use them with both girls (2nd/4th) and they are written on every day.  (The page protector helps me on my paper usage.)

I will have them look up the information and copy it in on the "help" sheet the first couple of days.  The two days before CC, I give them the blank one and they fill it in.  This lets me know if there is anything we need to work on before proofing.

If you want a copy, you should just be able to click and save???  
Let me know if there are problems.  
Hope this helps you too!

Oh...the answers are in your foundations guide! ;)
(Don't want to mess with copy write issues!)

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  1. I love these. Thank you so much for sharing them. We use them weekly!